Our food

We serve delicious grill based seafood, meat, chicken and vegetarian. Some of our favorites include:

● Traditional breakfast (including vegan options)
● Seafood (Tiger prawns, jumbo shrimps, lobster tail, tilapia, red bream, cod)
● Meats (beef ribs, lamb chops, kebab cut grilled suya beef, chicken and lamb)
● Chicken (Piri piri rotisserie grilled chicken)
● Vegetarian (Plantain, beans, yam, salad, rice dishes)

Click the link to see our Big Town Menu

Our drinks

We provide a range of your favorite, hot drinks, soft drinks, cocktails, mocktails and spirits, sparkling, beers.
This includes (not exhaustive):

  • Cocktails and mocktails
  • Soft drinks (Appletizer, Coca cola, Orange Juice)
  • Beers (Heineken, Desperado, Star, Trophy)
  • Spirits (Gin, Cognac, Vodka, White and Dark Rum, Whiskey, Tequila)
  • bottomless cocktail punches
Click the link to see our drinks packages for group parties  DRINKS PACKAGES